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Gain Without the Pain: The Many Benefits of Biolase® Laser Dentistry

The use of laser technology in medical circles has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, changing how we approach everything from vision correction to major surgery. And the dental world is benefitting from this technology, too, allowing us to perform most routine dental procedures without relying on invasive drills. But the ultimate winners with the advent of cutting-edge laser treatments are our patients, who experience less pain, less risk, less anxiety, and faster healing.

At Cityview Dental Arts in Chicago, IL, Jerome Bock, DDS prides himself on offering his patients the latest products and services to maintain their oral health. And one product he’s particularly pleased with is our Biolase laser system, which provides greater precision and our clients with more comfort.

Here’s a look at why you have everything to gain — including less pain — with Biolase laser dentistry.

A look at Biolase

Before we get into the many advantages of Biolase over traditional dentistry, let’s take a closer look at the technology. Biolase is a system that combines laser energy and water spray. The water spray keeps your tissues hydrated and cool. This amazing tool instantly vaporizes any harmful bacteria that is infecting your gums, and thanks to its accuracy, none of the surrounding healthy tissue will be affected, which will help shorten your recovery time. 

Less pain and less anxiety

With Biolase, we can perform some dental procedures without using anesthesia. The laser actually cauterizes nerve endings and blood vessels as it goes, which helps lessen and eliminate any chances of discomfort or bleeding.

The road to recovery

Another benefit of our Biolase technology is that we’re able to shorten the recovery period after your procedure. With laser dentistry, there’s generally no need for stitches and there’s far less bleeding, which means there’s also less tissue to heal. Not to mention, your comfort level after laser dentistry is far greater than with traditional dentistry. 

If you’d like to learn more about our Biolase system and how it can help you, call Cityview Dental Arts at (309) 432-5483 or request an appointment online.

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