Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

Veneers are often considered to be a fully cosmetic choice, which is why many insurance companies won’t cover the option. However, there are a few practical and non-cosmetic reasons to choose veneers, and we are here to help you figure those out. 

Dr. Jerry Block, and the rest of our team at CityView Dental Arts, want you to be able to love your smile as well as feel that your teeth are healthy and protected. This is why we recommend porcelain veneers for more than just the typical, cosmetic reasons.

Veneers are for everyone

Veneers are a kind of covering for the surface of your teeth that look and feel like real teeth. According to Healthline, they can last as long as a decade, making them semipermanent. Contrary to popular belief, veneers aren’t just a choice for models and movie stars. In fact, they can be a great way for everyone to feel better about their teeth. However, veneers can also be a great practical solution to a dental problem, even if you’ve never realized this possibility before.

Protecting teeth with worn enamel

Your teeth are covered in a hard, outer layer known as enamel, which helps protect them from decay. Over time, however, your enamel can begin to wear away, leaving your teeth more exposed to germs. In some cases, naturally thin enamel can be a problem as well, and even if you take good care of your teeth, they can be consistently exposed to germs and decay. When you choose to get veneers, they can help to protect your teeth and act as a restored enamel, providing your teeth with the same effects as stronger, healthier enamel.

Repairing cracks in your teeth

Cracks in the teeth can sometimes lead to problems with the tooth’s integrity. In most cases, if you’ve got a serious or deep crack in your tooth, you will probably need to get a crown that covers the whole tooth and holds it together, preventing the tooth from breaking apart. However, some people get superficial or small cracks in their teeth that can still be a target for bacteria but do not require a full crown. These cracks can be easily sealed off with a veneer.

Filling the gaps between your teeth

People who have gaps in their teeth often feel self-conscious when they flash their pearly whites for the camera. But having gaps in your teeth can also cause problems with chewing, eating, and speaking. They can also make it easier to get a certain kind of cavity known as an interproximal cavity, or a cavity that occurs between the teeth. If you have wide spaces between your teeth, it is more likely that you will experience these cavities quite often. Veneers can help to cover up these spaces and minimize all these problems, not to mention reduce the likelihood of getting interproximal cavities.

Fixing misalignment

Having misaligned teeth may also seem like a purely aesthetic issue, but misalignment can cause problems with the gums, teeth, and jaw muscles. If the problem is severe enough, it can lead to long-term disorders, such as temporomandibular joint disorder (or TMJ), severe headaches, and jaw strain. Your teeth can even become cracked over time if you suffer from misalignment. When you choose to get veneers, the covering will allow your teeth to fit together as they are meant to, which, in turn, will help to minimize the risk of all of these issues.

Want to learn more about veneers?

Are you interested in getting veneers as a non-cosmetic treatment? If so, contact us to set up an appointment at our Chicago, Illinois office. Just call 309-432-5483 or book an appointment online. 

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