Your Dentist Encourages You to Use Up Dental Benefits Soon!

2017 flew by most of us. In fact, this may be the first time that you’re really realizing that the end of the year is just a few weeks away! Have you crossed off everything you need to accomplish before 2018 starts?

Is visiting your dentist even on your “to-do” list? If not, you may be missing out on dental care your smile desperately needs and the chance to use your dental insurance benefits. Learn more about how your local practice can help you get the most out of your dental benefits in the last few days of the year.



Many patients may not understand how dental benefits work, causing them to lose miss out on all the great things about covered dental care!

If you can only remember one thing about dental benefits, remember this: your dental insurance plan is centered around preventing dental issues, not addressing them as they come.

Why does that matter? Your benefits may be able to cover the costs of your preventive care appointments in full!

You’ve Already Paid into Your Plan, Use It!

If you’ve been paying your insurance premiums all year long, you’ve already invested in your dental care. It’s time to use them before your money goes to waste.

That’s right, your money could be thrown out the window if you don’t use your benefits by the end of the year since most plans do not allow rollovers.


As mentioned above, there are only a few weeks left of December. It can be difficult to have all of your dental problems addressed if you’ve waited until the end of the year, but there is still hope to have a healthier smile. Just because some treatments and procedures take extensive planning and preparation, you may want to consider some of these last-minute services:

By even completing these simple dental treatments, you can have a shinier, healthier smile to start the new year with! Be sure to call your dentist soon before you’re too busy with holiday fun!


Here at Cityview Dental Arts, we want everyone to receive the dental services their smile truly deserves. That’s why we’re in-network with a variety of top insurance providers like Delta Dental Premier. We also offer payment options and financing for patients that may not have insurance benefits. We make it easy and affordable to have a healthy smile. Feel free to contact us to see dentist in Bucktown during a scheduled appointment.

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