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Do I Need to Be Concerned if I Grind My Teeth?

Grinding your teeth, whether you’re asleep or awake, can lead to a whole host of dental and other physical problems. There are treatments available, though, and your dentist can get you sorted out. Read on to learn more.

Aug 10th, 2020
Common Signs and Symptoms of TMD

Not all temporomandibular disorders are the same. This group of painful jaw disorders causes symptoms that range from mild to severe. Proper diagnosis is key to getting the right treatment that can provide relief.

Apr 10th, 2020
How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening gives you a brilliant smile. The challenge is keeping your brightened teeth white for as long as possible. Here are tips on how to extend the results of teeth whitening and keep your Hollywood smile.

Feb 3rd, 2020
Adjusting to Life with Dentures

Dentures can give you a healthy mouth and beautiful smile. However, getting used to wearing dentures can take time. Here are some tips on how to adjust to your new life wearing dentures.

Dec 1st, 2019
Tips for Taking Care of Your Invisalign® Trays

Invisalign® comes with many perks — you get straighter teeth without a mouthful of metal, and you can eat all your favorite foods, just to name two of the benefits. These tips for taking care of your Invisalign trays help ensure a great experience.

Nov 1st, 2019
Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

Did you think veneers were just for treating cosmetic issues like a slightly crooked smile or stained teeth? Think again! This procedure can help you deal with all kinds of dental problems that could potentially lead to more serious issues.

Oct 17th, 2019
Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Missing Tooth

Losing a tooth affects more than just your smile. Even one missing tooth can lead to a host of serious oral health problems if it's not replaced. Here's how lost teeth can impact your oral health — and what you can do about it.

Jul 12th, 2019
How Botox Can Help Your TMJ Pain

If you're dealing with the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder and conservative treatments aren't working, you may want to give Botox a try. Botox can successfully treat many conditions, and now it's been found to treat TMJ symptoms effectively.

Apr 16th, 2019
5 Unexpected Smile Flaws That Veneers Can Easily Fix

Porcelain veneers are durable and beautiful, and just as important, they're very versatile. If you've been wishing for a more beautiful smile, veneers could be just what you're looking for. Here are five ways they can help.

Feb 1st, 2019